Tambayan ng Manunulat


TAMBAYAN NG MANUNULAT. http://angmanunulat.wordpress.com aims to give readers the pocketbook-like filipino love stories and short english love stories. It also aims to inspire young writers and readers out there that they too can write and speak their imaginations and love stories for the world wide web to see.

No part of Tambayan ng Manunulat may be reproduced in any form without the written consent of the publication/site/admin.

Tambayan ng Manunulat now accepts stories from different authors all around the country/world. Once the work is submitted, literary works become Tambayan ng Manunulat’s property. Furthermore, Tambayan ng Manunulat has the right to edit all articles/stories/literary works for publication.

For more infos, you can ask the author herself at the Guestbook.


  • I updated Sa Kanya and added 3 new chapters, but they’re shorter than the usual. And if I have time, I’ll transfer my other story UNDER THE RAIN 2: Friend of Mine from FTALK Forum to here.
  • Also, please tell me if there’s some glitch going on with the downloads of the stories so I will be able to fix it ASAP. Thank you.

Okaaayy, I FIXED THE DOWNLOADABLES. Now, you can read and download all stories already! I transferred everything at Scribd.com and cancelled my account at Ripway. I’ve finally discovered that Ripway isn’t as good as I thought it would be. : SO ENJOY!

UPDATE as of February 2010

SA KANYA || New Story {February 13, 2010} [Click to redirect]

17 thoughts on “Tambayan ng Manunulat

  1. jaz da gurl really is a good story……..ihav also read about the stoyr of urs entitled teasers, words, under the rain and ghost in the cabinet….i’ve also heard that ur making another story entitled fall for you and i’m looking forward that…
    you’re the best and keep it up
    i ‘m ur # one fan kimmie!!!!


  2. la tlgang mka2tLo sa mga stories dto
    very interesting
    and dami pwedeng pagpliian
    at lhat mganda
    i wil wait for the next stories…
    GO! Kimmie your da best!!!


  3. WALA PA BA UNG NEW STORIES……………………………ahehe……………………..hapit kasi ako…………
    ang ganda.SUPER!!!!, ng stories dito.


  4. hi ate kimmie…nahuli ako sa balita e…pero nabasa ko naman ung new stories mo…hahahha…actually tapos ko ng basahin…galing…destiny ba un?..hndi…kc pg destiny..cla magkakatuluyan…by the way,,,,sulat ka pa ha…hahahhahaha……

    i really really really rrrreeeeaaaallllllllyyyy love ur stories…

    d kc ako mxadong hapit sa pgbabasa…kya ng-papaost pa ko ng stories sau…sorry ha..nahihirapan ka pa…

    basta IDOL kita…….

    go ate!….aja…


  5. haixt…i LOOOOVE ur stry..grabe mHoOre kilig…pra n nga po acHung ewAn sa kWrto ei…talon ng talon…
    by da way
    tnx s pg-popOst niu ulEt ng story
    i lyk it ZooO much

    cntinue 2 post loOotZ of BEAUTIFUL stories….heheheheh…xAdo ng eXXagerated ryt?…peO k lan


    make stories dat maybe impossible,,…POSSIBLE…getz nio po ba….bXtah…



  6. Hello ask ko lang if paano mo napapalabas sa yahoo search yung site mo??? btw like namin ng friends ko yung stories mo. Since grade I write stories na. Dati friends ko lang ang nagbabasa, then may nakapagsabi sa akin na I can create a blog here in WordPress. Paano ko po ba mapapalabas sa yahoo search ang site ko? http://kiligstorywriter.wordpress.com
    yan po yung site ko. Pasensya na po dahil d pa tapos yung mga kwento tinatamad ako mag type… until here po! 🙂


  7. ang gaganda lahat ng stories mo ate kim. grabe, tinapos ko lahat. haha, gaganda kase eh. 😀 anyway, ate may tanong ako. pano mo napagsama-samahan yung mga stories mo dun sa sidebar? di ko kase magawa eh. 😀 sana matulungan mo ko. 😀 goodluck po sa upcoming stories niyo! tc. 😀


  8. Kimmieeeee. You never fail to amaze me with your stories. I bet Sa Kanya is gonna be really great too. Ako, eto, wala na talaga akong natapos sa mga stories ko kaya never na ako nakapagsubmit ni isa. Lol. =))) Anyway, just keep on doing what you do best.. Making people smile with your writing and making them believe in love’s abilities. <333 I heart you alwayssss. Miss talking to you too!

    P.S. I tried comig back to ftalk. Lol. Faaaail. It's like everyone I knew there left it, was banned, or is on hiatus mode.


    • Same here. I tried coming back, but I don’t know. I felt op. :)))) So yeah, nevermind. I just visit Ftalk to update which is.. like once in a blue moon. 😦 I miss you Ruth!


  9. hello po! ang gaganda po ng mga stories niyo. idol ko po kayo. hehe!
    gumawa rin po ako ng sarili kong wordpress kaso po hindi ko po alam gamitin. pwede niyo po akong iguide at turuan? thanks po.


  10. Hi Ate Kim! Ako pala si Chaw ng FT (kung naaalala nyo pa haha). Tanong ko lang if it’s okay na gamitin namin yung Under the Rain para sa Manga na gagawin namin (and if possible, someday film na hihi charot). Ayun lang po. 😀

    I’ll check this from time to time para po sa response. And… sana maupdate na yung Under the rain 2 (kahit once in a blue moon nalang ako naglolog-in dun haha). Miss ko na kasi si Manuel e. Hahahaha.

    Thanks! (:


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