Hi everyone!

Yes I’m still alive and I’m still writing, just not updating. I think my writer’s block went a little too far. The last update on this website’s like a year ago and the last comment was posted like way back in 2009! This website’s pretty dead and I wish I was at the height of my writing passion when all these publishing houses (e.g. Candy/Popfiction) popped out so my dream of getting published can finally come true. 

Anyway, I might revamp this whole site. I might take down the stories and edit them one by one and will try to submit to publishing houses and maybe write some more. I’m into short stories right now, or article-writing like the ones in Thought Catalog so no more Filipino stories for now. I’m having a hard time writing in Filipino which I’m wondering why since it wasn’t a problem before. And then there’s also my dilemma of writing in English since I don’t write perfectly on it which made me look for an editor in Wattpad before. But since I’m not a bigshot writer like the others, I mean Wattpad is such a big community it’s hard to look for stories and readers, nobody signed up to be my editor so I’m left on my own.

Don’t be shocked if this site turned out empty. I promise I’ll be back soon. I should strike while the iron is hot – which also means I should write while I still have all the time in the world due to my easy-bitsy kind of work.

I’m even happy that I was able to finally get to write this post.

I have new stories in Wattpad so please do take a look and let me know what you think. I might get inspired to write some more!

See you around. 🙂

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