Super Star’s Story

Sarah Jacobs was the face of tabloids, front pages and other teen-ager’s magazines. She was perfect – pretty, famous, rich, brains and a big heart. She was the hottest girl in the showbiz industry. Sarah Jacobs couldn’t ask for more.

2014 Film Preview

Her latest movie was a blockbuster hit and her love team was the most sweetest, hottest and most promising. 

Jake Adams was her partner. Just like her, he was perfect. He was the dance floor king, singing sensation, matinee idol, runway favorite and the ruling prince of commercials. Their combination was perfect. He was always there wherever she was. He was always there for her.

Many journalists and paparazzi asked them if there will be a chance to take their partnership into some higher level, but both will answer the same.

“We’re still young for a relationship. Work is work. No personal things attached.”

And all people will have the same reactions. Not until that day. Sarah discovered something that she knew she’ll regret someday and would maker her wish that she hadn’t felt it.

“Hey, Sar. Wazzup?” Jake asked while they were on a taping set for their new tv show.

“Nothing much.” She smiled as she drinks her bottle of water.

“You look cracked.”

“Oh Jake. Will you just go and leave me alone?”

“If that’s what you want.”

She was always like that when they’re off the camera.

“So Sarah and Jake, what will happen with the two of you at the future?” a reporter asked at the red carpet.

“Well, maybe we’ll have more projects to come, or maybe we’ll just sit in our houses and watch tv.” Sarah laughed at what she had said.

“Yeah, I agree with Sarah.” So did Jake and the reporters.

“What I mean is, is there a future with the both of you – “together”?

“(laughs) We’re still too young for that..but we’ll see. After all, we, two aren’t committed to anyone. Right Sarah?”

“Yeah.” She smiled.

They waved to their fans and went directly inside. Sarah, as expected, got many awards and so did Jake.

“Really, Sarah. I think you have a big problem. Let me help you.”

“Nobody can help me. Except myself.” She said as tears formed in her eyes.

“No. I’m here. I’m always here for you.”

“No you’re not. You’re just here for me, because you don’t want these things to disappear.”

“No. With or without you, I can reach these. I can have all these. I care about you Sarah. We’re together for almost 2 years. And you always say whatever you have inside. Why’s this?”

“Because you won’t understand. You won’t Jake. You won’t.”

“How would I understand if you’d never tell me? Just try me Sarah. Just try me.”

Tears were streaming down her eyes now. She ran away from him. All the crews and staffs tried to catch up with her, so did Jake. But she was fast to get inside the car and start the engine.

When she reached the place where she knew she could just cry out loud and just let out whatever she feels. She stood at the front of the wall and shouted.

“I love you! Why can’t you understand it!? I want you to be sweet to me not because of that stupid love team. But because you really want to. I want you to kiss me because you feel something not only because it’s in the script!! What’s wrong with you Jake Adams?! Why can’t you feel it?!”

She sat on her knees. Buried her face at her hands. She can’t drive home. Her eyes are wet. She can’t see things well. Her vision was blurry. She went inside her car and called her best friend Lindsay. Lindsay, just like her, is a super teen star. She was out partying when she heard her phone rang. She hurriedly picked it up when she saw Sarah’s name at the screen. She knew that when Sarah’s the one who calls her, she needs her in something. She went to the place and drove the car for her. When she was sure that Sarah will be fine at her apartment, she went away and went back to her own.

“Where the hell are you?!” the director asked when Sarah phoned him. They we’re waiting for her for almost 3 hours.

“I’m sorry, but I won’t do it. I really need some space. I’ll be gone for long and..”

“What’s the matter Sarah?”

“I’m sorry Director Pinsky.”

“Guess we’ll have to find another for your role.”


After she put the phone down, she felt a little shiver at her body. Is this what she really wanted? But this is the only way to forget him. She went into some place where she knew she can clear her mind and heart. She hopes so. She already instructed the crews and staffs of the resort that no paparazzi were to be allowed. She’ll pay for everything. The resort should make the customer feel relaxed and enjoyed.

It was almost one month since she decided to take some break. Her TV show was off. She watched all those interviews with Jake, asking him where she is. And Jake would always have some excuse to keep the truth. How she missed him. And there, she saw the new girl that will replace her at her former TV show.

“She’s pretty.” She said to herself.

She thinks that the new girl is getting along with Jake and it hurts more to see it. She never watched television again. Instead, she just soaked herself at the beach, enjoying the scenery. She never saw the exclusive interview about her with Jake.

“Yes. I’ll find her. I will. And when I do, I’ll tell her what I feel.”

On Jake’s part, he doesn’t know where to start looking for her. He must find her. Until that day. It was his birthday. He went to the church and prayed to God that He will answer his prayer for almost two months already. He drove his car and went to buy a cake for himself. He missed her. His last year’s birthday, Sarah gave him a cake and surprised him with balloons and other things. She always surprises him. And that’s one of the reasons why he fell in love with her. As he waited at the cake to be prepared he watched at the TV near the counter. He saw Sarah walking down the aisle at a resort. He doesn’t know but he’s sure that resort is a really familiar one.

He got the cake and went directly to his car. He sped away going to that place. When he reached that place, the staffs recognized him. They were busy asking him to have them his autograph. But he went to the manager’s office and asked him to reveal Sarah’s room number. The manager was overwhelmed at what the teen star wanted to do. He gave Sarah’s room number. But when they opened it, nobody’s there. He saw Sarah sitting at the shore under the coconut tree. He told the manager not to follow or disturb them.

He went up to her and sat beside her.

“I was afraid I won’t find you.” Jake said as he joined her at the shore.

“How did you know I’m here?” the shock on Sarah’s face was obvious.

“Because I believe that love conquers all.” He smiled.

“What do you mean?” she was puzzled.

“I love you, dummy.”

“You’re kidding.”

“Do you think so?” Jake held her gaze.

Sarah smiled at what Jake said. Suddenly, Jake came closer to her. He looked at her straight in the eye and their lips met. It was amazing, sweet and shaking.

“I told you, I love you. I maybe an actor on TV, but I’ll always be honest to the person I love.”

“Oh Jake..” she hugged him.

The next day they we’re on TV again. And this time, its for real. Not just a love team, but because they were in love with each other. In which they do, until now. How do I know? Because I’m the actress of that story.

“Sarah Jacobs, signing off.”

“Cut! Nice one Sarah.”

“Thanks.” I smiled.

I saw Jake smiling at the corner. I went into his side and he hugged me like he’ll never let go of me.

That’s when I said to myself again, “Yep, I couldn’t ask for more.”

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