The Ghost in the Cabinet

When I was still a five year old girl, my brother would always scare me by the story about the ghost in my cabinet. He said that when Dad bought our house, there was a little boy who hanged himself inside the cabinet. At first I thought, it was a very bad joke. But my brother reassured me that what he’s saying was totally true. How can that be? He has never even seen the ghost boy at my room nor did I heard or felt it.


Not until my 13th birthday came. Me and my friends went upstairs to start my pajama party. It was 11 of the evening when Cindy suggested that it would be wonderful at the same time exciting, if we talk about ghosts and other unnatural stories. Mary had the guts to share first her encounter with ghosts. She said that the first time she saw a ghost was when she was nine years old at the backyard of her grandmother’s house. She saw a white lady standing behind a banana tree. Before she could shout for help, her eyes closed and she fell down on the ground unconscious. Then, Beulah shared her story too. We all knew it already. We were in grade two when it happened. She sat under the mango tree and was acting like she was a dwarf. Believe it or not, she really looked like a dwarf and her voice was really like a dwarf. We laughed at what we’re hearing and watching. Suddenly, her eyes became red and started to mumble words that were not found in the dictionary. We called our teachers and she was sent to a quack doctor. After ten minutes, she was unconscious. The next day we asked her about her feeling when she was possessed, she answered that she didn’t remember anything that had happened yesterday.

Then, it was my turn among us five. I don’t know what to say. I haven’t encountered any ghosts in my whole life. An idea came up to me. What if I’ll tell them about the boy in the cabinet? Yeah. Why not? It’s not true anyway. When I was about to open my mouth, I felt cold and I felt like there’s someone looking at me inside the room. We lowered down the air conditioner and went back to our seats in the floor. When I was about to tell them about it again, the curtain at the sliding door in our balcony suddenly flew in. I mean how’s that? The door’s close. We’re using air condition and if there’s wind, we should have felt it. Then, we shivered in fear. Cindy decided that we should pray and go to bed. We followed her and went directly to our beds. I covered myself with pillows and blanket.

It was 4 am when I decided to go to the bathroom and take a pee. I don’t know, but I think I saw someone standing at the front of the cabinet. A boy, about my age, about my height and well, he’s really white. My skin hairs stood up. I turned on the lights, rubbed my eyes and took all my guts and looked at the cabinet again, no one’s there. So I thought, maybe I’m still very sleepy.

The next day, I slept at my brother’s room. When I was about to go inside my room to use my computer, I heard something like someone’s crashing something. And before I could open the door, my Mom shouted for dinner. I left and went back to the kitchen. Then I went back again to use the internet and research on something. Then I heard someone cried. I was very afraid, at the same time very curious. As they said, curiosity kills a person. I took all my guts, said a little prayer and went inside the room. And there, I saw the same boy I saw when we had our pajama party. I don’t know what to do. I couldn’t open my mouth. I couldn’t move. The boy went closer to me and smiled. And yeah. He smiled. I don’t know but my muscles moved to smile back on him.

I sat down at the front of the computer and researched on something. I felt so comfortable. I felt no fear. I looked at my back and he was sitting at my bed looking at me. I decided to talk to him. Maybe he’s good. Maybe I can help his soul. Maybe..

I asked him what happened and why he decided to kill his self. He told me that he didn’t like his life. He always felt so alone. He said that his parents were always away for business. And he didn’t like it at all. I asked him why he’s still here. He answered me that before he died, he didn’t make any friends. And the angel said, before he could enter the judgment throne, he must first make a friend and enjoy the moment of having a friend.

I looked at him as an idea came to my mind. I offered him my friendship and after that, we became friends. That was beyond my wildest dreams. To befriend a ghost? Impossible. But its true. I always talk to him when I needed someone to talk to. Cry in front of him when my mother scolds me. Shout with him at the wall when I needed to let it all out. It was just so fun. I felt I had a friend who’s bringing me fun more than my alive friends. He was just so sweet and so innocent and so.. I don’t know how to describe. But as days go by, I felt something I knew I shouldn’t feel. I felt something that I wasn’t familiar of. I’m falling in love in the ghost at my cabinet. No way! But yeah. How can that be? I tried to kept it to myself until one day.

He told me that he’ll be leaving the world now for the second time. He told me, that I was a great friend. He told me that he should’ve met me before he decided to killed himself. Maybe he could’ve saved his life and enjoyed it. He told me that he loved me more than anything.

And so did I. Before I could open my mouth, he put his fingers to my lips and told me that he already knew what I was going to say. He said that he’ll always remember me. My body moved. I hugged him. But he’s a spirit. How come I could touch his body? And a thing happened that I’ll remember and treasure for all of my life. We kissed. A kiss that would remain deep inside our heart. I opened my eyes, filled with tears as his body turned to air. Then came a very bright light. It was blinding yet so warm. I couldn’t see a thing.

“Farewell Michelle..”

The last words I heard from him.

“Farewell Johnny.”

I whispered in the air.

It was something I know I’ll remember forever. You see, I still haven’t moved on. He’ll always be in my heart.

And by the way, I now believe in ghosts.

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