The Promise – Prologue


Sabi nila, loving someone is the greatest feeling you’ll ever have, especially if this someone loves you back the same way as you do. That is, if you are really meant for each other, though. What if not? You must suffer the consequences and endure the pain deep inside your heart. I, Francis Ignacio lived through this miserable pain. I loved her and she was all I ever had. Because of her, my life changed for the better. I saw much light with her and temporarily enjoyed the beauty of it. Let me take you back to year 1996 where I had first met her and fallen in love with her since then. She was this stunningly beautiful “chinita” with long black hair and a morena complexion. Naisip ko, she was the perfect match for the campus’ nerd, Marco Ugbuyas. She had this retainer in her teeth and these hideous eyeglasses – typical smart chinita. But if you’ll look at her, without considering her retainers and eyeglasses, she was a pretty girl with cute sparkling eyes that will mesmerize you and well-arranged teeth that always displays a killer smile. She was so mahinhin and very good in classes. I hardly see her run at the corridor or play sports. I was her exact opposite. I was with the “cool” boys and one of the runner-ups to be kicked out from the school. I had this semi-standing hair in which they say, “kapag nahulugan ng butiki, sigurado, patay!”. I can say I’m one of the best-looking guys inside the campus and was labelled as a heartthrob or something like that. I wasn’t very good when it comes to my studies and I always get an almost failing grade if not for my teachers’ mercy. I wasn’t stupid or anything as such but I would rather spend my time killing enemies and defending my allies at some computer games at some internet cafes than listening to those boring and the kinds. To tell you the truth, I didn’t take notice of how messed up my life was and how much I’ve been missing until that day of August 26, 2005.

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