The Promise – Epilogue


“Ang lungkot lungkot.” Sigaw ni Tina.

“Ang lungkot diba? I didn’t know may kwentong ganito sa buhay ni Tito Frank. Kaya pala walang asawa si Tito.” Sabi naman ni Jean.

“Masaya na sila siguro ngayon.”

“Sana lang talaga, Tina.”

“Uncle Francis was such a nice man – a good son, a lovable tito, a helpful friend and a loyal and sincere lover. Before he left, he wrote something. A testimony, a love story, a history. For those who knew my uncle, I know that you are also familiar with Eliza Chan. The girl who made Uncle the most happiest person in the world. And now that he’s with her, I do hope that he’s happy.. that they are both happy. And here’s a song for you.”

Then a spark of music sounded. Jean started singing. For a moment at least, the chapel was wrapped with silence and grief.

I can still remember yesterday

We were so in love in a special way

Knowing that you love me makes me feel oh so right

But now I feel lost, don’t know what to do

Each and everyday I think of you

All the madness tears I’m trying with all my might

Because it’s gonna left me standing all alone

And I know I’ve got to face tomorrow on my own

But baby before I let you go I want to say I love you

I hope that you’re listening cause it’s true

You’ll be forever in my heart

I know that no one else will do.

So before I let you go I want to say,

I love you.

“I can’t finish the song.. I’m sorry.” Jean whispered to Tina.

“Uncle, you left us, but the memories you had left will be forever with us. And I know that someday, we’ll meet again in a place where harmony and peace surrounds.” Tina said for the last time.

The men started getting Francis’ coffin into the last place, the cemetery. All of them threw their roses and flowers to him. Suddenly, it rained. Then memories came flashing through Jean’s mind.

“I like rain. How bout you uncle?”

“I love it. It’s as if it cleanses the world.”


And for that moment, she understood what her Uncle had meant.

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