The Rose

12 years ago, I was a rose lover. I collected anything that has rose on it. I planted pink, red and white roses at our garden. I was once called‘The Rose of Einstein’. Einstein was my section back then.


Even though it has thorns and hurts me every time I hold on it, still, my love on roses couldn’t be helped.

They said, love is like a rose. When you touch the thorns, it’ll give you a lot of pain. Just like love, when the person you love hurts you, it’ll give you pain. But the beauty of the rose makes you forget that the thorns can be painful and mean. Just like love, looking at the person you really love makes you forget that painful feeling you’re feeling inside.

I’ve felt love many times. Different guys. Different kinds of roses. Different pains. The last person I remembered falling in love was Leon. The first time I saw him, I told myself ‘he’s the one’. Or was he? I was 16 when I first met him. He was so nice, so handsome, so smart. just everything. All girls were drooled over him. and I was one of the desperate girls who were waiting to be noticed. He was like a rose for me. A beautiful rose. But as all rose has thorns, I was aware that he has thorns too that may cause pain at me.

It was a hot Monday morning. I went to school to pass my enrollment form. I was standing at the registrar’s office when I thought I saw Edward standing at the doorway.

I went to the doorway. I still got something for him. He’s such a jerk! I picked a small stone ready to throw at him.


I heard someone said ouch. I silently walked away from him. Harhar.

“Excuse me, why did you throw that stone at me?” he asked.

Then and there, I suddenly realized that he wasn’t Edward.

“I’m really sorry. I thought you’re Edward and..” I was surprised to see my ultimate crush and also ashamed that I threw a stone at him. Oh snap. I ruined my life.

“Edward? You mean Edward Cho?”

“Yeah. H-how did you know him?” I nervously asked.

“Well yeah. He’s my team mate at soccer.”

“Oh. Okay. I’m really sorry again.” I bowed at him and went my way.

But before I could step my first step away from him, I heard his voice again questioning me.

“May I have your name please?” I felt my face blushed.

“Oh. I’m Hailey.”

“Hailey. I’m Leon.” He said smiling.

“Of course I know you!” I excitedly said.

“What?” he asked in surprise.

“I mean. Yeah. You’re a hearthrob and.. you know..”

“I’m not.”

“You are.” I said.


“Gotta go..bye. see ya around.” I said as I wave goodbye to him.

I went my way blushing and telling myself that this day is my lucky day. Can you believe it?! The hearth rob Leon Park talked to a mere girl like me, Hailey Jung. After a week or so, classes started. I was surprised at what he was acting. Every morning, he’ll say hi to me or bring my books or treat me to lunch or do my home works. I was very happy at what he was doing. I found myself liking him much more. Or maybe, its better to say that I found myself falling in love with him. Days passed, months passed.. and he was still the same. But he never opened any topic about entering a relationship.



“Can I talk to you for a sec?”

“Yeah sure..”

“You see.. aren’t you..uhmm..aren’t you surpr..”

Before he could finish what he was saying, the bell rang.

“Well, juz see ya around.” He said and ran across the corridor.

I asked myself, what the hell was he trying to say? Oh well, see him around.


I was very excited after he texted me that I should meet him after class at Windon’s. I directly went there leaving my chores at the room. When I arrived at the said restaurant, I saw him sitting at the side of the glass window. I hurriedly went there. He stood up and got the chair for me.

“Thank you.” I said smiling sweetly.

I saw a rose at the table. A red, white and pink rose. My smile widened. He saw that my gaze were at the roses.

“For you.”

“Thank you so much. I really love roses.”

“I know. That’s where you got the name ‘The Rose of Einstein’ right?”

“Oh.” I blushed.

“I hope that these roses will make you happy and will always make you remember a person named Leon Park.” He said as I was laughing.

“Of course.”

“I’ll go straight to the point.” He breathed deeply before he said the things that made my heart pounded fast.

“Can you help me with Cathy Yun?”

My eyes widened. I felt my heart pounded. Fast and loud. I felt my heart was breaking into pieces. I felt great pain. I remembered the thorns of roses. Another pain filled my heart. I felt my tears forming at my brown, chinky eyes.

“Of-of course. No problem.” I said as I stopped the tears in flowing.

“Thanks Hailey! You’re the best.”

“No problem.” I said smiling.

“Are-are you alright?”

“Of course.” I said as I wiped the tears that flowed at my face.

“’re crying..”

“I’m just happy.”

Until now, that day couldn’t still be erased at my mind. Until now, the pain’s still at my heart. Until now, the love I had for rose was turned into hatred. Until now, the roses he gave me were still at the box I’m treasuring. Looking at the two of them standing at the front of the altar, saying I dos to each other, holding a rose, gives me pain at the heart. But what can I do? They were made for each other. It was 15 years ago that my, his, and her story started.. until now.

After the ceremony, I gave him my gift. A gift that I know he’ll treasure forever. A gift that will make him remember me and that day. I gave him the red, white and pink roses that he gave me 15 years ago. Looking at the beauty of the rose makes you happy.. just like looking at the person you love that’s very happy with the person he loves makes you happy and hurt. I wish them the best. Until then, time will only tell, if my love for roses will be restored.

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