Under the Rain – Epilogue


“Should we marry each other under the rain? After all, dun naman nagsimula ang lahat eh.” I said smiling. He just kissed me. 

“Anywhere. Pakakasalan kita.” He said while smirking.

I smiled and bit my lip.


“Yeah.” He hugged me again and I kissed him.

Some years later, life has been perfect. I didn’t know God would bless my marriage and family life so much but He who is faithful will finish the work He started and I couldn’t be anymore thankful.

“Daddy o, mommy won’t let me play under the rain.”

I guess alam niyo na kung anong nangyari. This is how I end the story. Alam kong marami pa ang mangyayari saming dalawa. But we know na makakaya namin to. Our love for each other and with the grace of the Lord, we will live together till God knows when. And yes, we are going to love each other hanggang sa magkaroon na kami ng arthritis at presbyopia.

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