Words – Chapter 16 to Chapter 20

Chapter 16


No, I’m a man with a word of honor. So can’t be. Di pwede yun. And you’re stupid or something?! After we ate, I drove her back to the unit. I’m all dressed up kaya hinintay ko nalang siyang matapos. I think she took 2 hours or more ata before she went out.Mish: Hey, how do I look?!

She asked kaya naman bigla nalang akong napatalon. 

Ako: What the hell is your prob-!?

Natulala ako, napanganga ako, laglag din ang remote control na hawak ko.

Mish: How do I look Mikee???

Ako: Well..

Mish: What?   Do I still need to change my dress?

Naku, kahit di na.   Wait.. ano sabi ko?

Mish: Mikee??!!

Ako: That’s good. Tara na.

Mish: But.. but..

Hinila ko na kaagad siya bago pa magbago ang isip niya. she hurriedly grabbed her purse and dumiretso na kami sa bahay – bahay namin. We still have to fetch Mom. [I’m being a good boy here]

Mom: Oh goodness!  Cheesy Michelle Monteverde?!

Mish: Good evening Tita.

Guess she forgot I told my mom she’s my gf huh?

Mom: Kelan pa naging kayo ni Mikel?

Mish: Uh.. *she looked at me and I just lowered my head* ..last month lang po.

Ang bilis naman ata pag ganun?

Mom: Oh.. We were so good.

Ako: Huh?

Mom: We really planned this out, we knew you would like each other [except for the first meeting though].

Mish looked at me confusedly. I think I know what she’s thinking.

Mish: Well.. guess, it really worked.

She said smiling faintly and looked towards me.

Ako: Aren’t you ready yet? Let’s go.

Mom: Oh yeah, hijo.

We started on our way and Mom sat at the backseat. I don’t know why she gave the frontseat to Michelle since she always sit there. Maybe she really thinks that she’s my gf. Lol.

We reached our destination and hey – did I already describe Michelle’s dress? Not yet. Okay. Well, I’m not so good at this since these stuffs are for girls. She’s wearing a black dress [a fitting dress]. Basta, ganun, it looks good on her since she’s kinda tall.

If I’m not Mikel, I’d be drooling over her.

Mom: Good evening Mrs. Santos.. and of course, your lovely daughter Cathy.

My mom smiled sweetly. LOVELY?! Yuck. Lovely itapon sa basura.

Old lady: Good evening too.

Cathy: Hi, Mikel.

I just waved at her and bowed at her mother. She’s freakin me out.

Mom: And.. oh before I forget, this pretty lass here is Mikel’s fiance. She’s pretty famous around the town though, Michelle Monteverde. *mom flashed an evil smile*

Wait – fiance?! I almost dropped my jaw when I heard it. I poked my mom at her right arm but she shook me off. Okay, that was it.

I looked at Mish, but she just smiled sweetly.

Mish: Good evening. *she bowed her head slightly*

Cathy: As if the  evening is good?

Arrg.. blue skies! Parang gusto kong itapon yung Cathy na yun sa labas ng bintana. I looked at Mish and obvious na obvious na nagtitimpi siya. Muntik na nga akong matawa e.

Mish: of course, it is good.

Cathy: And why is that?

Mish: Because I’m alive. It feels so good to know that there’s still a beautiful lady living in this world – right honey?

Bigla naman akong nataranta. Ako ba yun?

Mish: Honey??   *bigla niya naman akong hinila palapit sa kanya*

Ako: Yeah. That’s why I like you alot. * I smiled sweetly*

Cathy just glared at us like she’s going to eat us – alive.

We sat and came our orders. We ate silently, and Cathy’s still staring at us.

Mish: look at her. *she whispered*

Ako: yaan mo yan. She’s definitely – insecure. *whispered back*

Mish: She’s probably burn a hole at my lovely cheeks. *whispered again*

Ako: Well, that wouldn’t work since masyadong makapal ang mukha mo.

She kicked my legs under the table. Muntik na akong mapasigaw sa kanya.

Mish: I really hate it.

Ako: That’s okay.

Mish: Oh.. I know..

Pinabayaan ko nalang si Mish sa kakareklamo and turned my head on the other way.

Mish: Mikee.. Mikee.. I’ve got something to tell you.

At ako naman tong sira at uto-uto, I looked around and got a kiss from Mish.

0____________________0 -> I looked like this.

Mish giggled and looked at Cathy again.

Mish: See? It always works.

She smiled and faced the other direction again. I was left shocked – utterly shocked.

It’s not like I’ve never been kissed by a girl before.. but, Michelle?

..the feeling’s kinda different..

Chapter 17


After a tiring day, we went home narin kaagad. Ano ba to si Mikee? Kanina pang walang imik. Parang wala sa sarili. *pout* I never did anything arong today at him right? And I stopped nagging him since he punched my idiot boyfriend. Oops, correct that, my exboyfriend.

Ako: Mikee, what’s the matter with you?

He just looked at the road straightly and never said a word to me nor did he blink. Okay, that was kinda – ugh.. I dunno. He’s been acting weird since a few a hours ago. What the hell is wrong with him?!

I poked him at his right arm. But still no response. I poked him again and he looked at me. I mean, glanced at me. Bigla niya namang binawi so I poked him again for like – 30 or more times. Haha. I just love to tease him.

Mikel: Yah! Ano ba?!

Ohhh.. *shakes in fear* Gawd, there’s really something wrong with him. Got a mood swing?

Ako: Woah.. what’s wrong with you?

Mikel: You really- *he glared at me* .. forget it.

Ako: Yeah, gusto ko malaman.  *now, we’re serious*

I thought he’s gonna ignore me and all, but he stopped the car at the corner and looked at me with his red eyes. LOL. I was being exaj.   But really, tinitingnan niya ako ngayon ng dalawa niyang nakakatakot na mata.

Ako: Okay, that stare will gonna burn a hole in my cheek.

Mikel: I hate what you’ve done awhile ago.

Ako: Alin? Teka, wala naman akong ginawa sa iyo ah!

He shut his eyes. Nagtitimpi talaga siya while it’s really obvious that he wants to kick me out of the car already. But he’s really trying to be gentle with me. Gentle?! Nyee.. yan ba ang gentle? leche..

Ako: Oh.. I know.. the “kiss” part.

He blushed. His face is really red. Awww.. how cute.

Ako: Well, that was just a “kiss”. Ano kaba? don’t tell me you really took it seriously?

Mikel: I didn’t. Its just that.. that.. that was a kiss.. and a girl.. should give it to the guy she really likes, right?

Ako: Awww.. geee.. I never thought that there’s a soft side of you Mikee.

He looked away while still holding me at the shoulders. I took off his hands and I thought of a good answer.

Ako: Would you believe.. if.. I say..   … I like you?

Haha. Mikel dropped his jaw. As in, kakatawa talaga yung mukha niya when I told him those words.

Mikel: You’re.. .. insane..

Ako: Yeah.. I am.   But then.. you should be happy a lovely girl kissed you. And besides, I am your “fiance”..

Mikel: F*ck off Mish. I know what you’re trying to say.

Ako: Bad.. you’re a bad boy Mikel Araneta!

Mikel: Yeah, I know.

He smiled and started the engine. Then, suddenly, a thought came to myself na hindi ko naman dapat inisip.

…he doesn’t want to believe that I like him, that I really like him.

Aissh..what are you thinking Mishie?! You don’t like him – for now.  Well, Mikel’s one hella hot guy. But then, I don’t like a guy just by looking at his outer surface. Lol.

Well, Mikel’s the one who always buys me food.   He punched your idiotic exboyfriend and saved you from humiliation.   And.. what else? Oh yeah, he’s my personal driver. And.. he always teases me.

Kahit medyo tupakin lang, ayos na rin.   But then..he said he’s gonna wait for someone. And that someone’s greater than me. That someone is Lindsay.

I looked at Mikel and examined his face. Hindi ko namalayang matagal-tagal na rin pala akong tahimik at nakatingin sa kanya.

Mikel: Okay, matutunaw na ako.

I pouted. Haha. Lagot, nahalata niya.

Ako: Alam mo, ang kapal mo.

I poked his right cheek with my pointing finger. He just laughed.

Mikel: Siguro that’s why Karlo broke up with you kasi.. naiingayan na siya sa iyo?

Bigla naman akong napatahimik. Well.. yeah, maybe.. I dunno.

Ako: Well. siguro nga.. And excuse me, ako ang nakipagbreak sa kanya.   Anyway, Mike? Alam mo, nacurious kasi ako kay lindsay mo e. Parang unfair naman ata na alam mo lahat ng nangyayari samin ni Karlo tapos wala akong alam sa inyo, diba?

I poked him again.

Mikel: Well.. still in the waiting process.

Ako: Aren’t you tired? Or get tired?

He paused.

Mikel: Nope.

Awww.. why did I feel some sort of pain in my heart?

Ako: Haha. I wonder kung lagi mo rin siyang sinisigawan  – like what you’re doing to me. Or if you’re both doing HHWW. Haha. Mukha ka sigurong lelang no?

Mikel: Haha, not really. It’s just that I really feel good when I’m with her.

Aww.. why didn’t I feel it with Karlo? And I’m feeling good around this jerk?

Ako: Haha, or the way you kiss her. Haha. I’m really curious Mikee.

Mikel: It’s confidential.

Ako: Asus, confidential ka diyan.

Mikel: Well.. honestly..

Ako: Hindi mo pa siya nahahalikan no?!

He blushed and smirked.

Ako: Tama diba?

Mikel: Well.. Its just that…

Ako: You scared?

Mikel: No!

Ako: then bakit di mo pa siya nahahalikan?

Mikel: Well.. I respect her.. and.. she should give it to a guy he really likes.

Ako: WTH? She doesn’t like you?

Mikel: No.. Its just that.. that time.. she wasn’t really sure.. about her feelings toward me.

Ako: Maybe you’re a coward.

Mikel: What?! Me?!  Hindi ko sana sinuntok yung leche mong boyfriend kung takot ako!

Ako: Well, a boy is different from a girl.

Mikel: Nonsense.

Ako: Tsaka, you panicked awhile ago when I kissed you.

Mikel: Well, pano naman kasi.. kasi..

Ako: You’re a coward.

Mikel: I’m not.

Ako: Yes you are.

Mikel: I’m not!

Ako: You are.

Mikel: Sabi na ngang hinde e!

Then he just kissed me at the lips without my permission.

Chapter 18


Ako: No, I’m not!

Mish: Yes you are!


Ako: I told you I’m not!

Mish: You are.

Why does she have to insist na takot ako? I just respect that girl. Pero of course, if they’re the ones to kiss me, ayos lang naman sakin. Well, walang nawawala sa guys if they do that. But then, nandito si Mish, iniinsist that I’m a coward kasi hindi ko mahalikan si Lindsay. And I don’t know what happened next, I just felt my body moved towards her and kissed that damn lips of hers. Then before I saw it coming..


I swear that one was hard enough to knock me out. Bigla naman akong bumitaw sa kanya and she stared at me in horror. I swear, hindi ko yun sinadya! I didn’t do it because I like her or anything sort of. I don’t know. I don’t know why I did that.

Ako: I..I’m… sorry..

Mish turned away and it was really obvious that she hated what I’ve done to her. Hey, she started it anyways. Bumaba siya ng kotse at dali-daling umakyat sa unit. Mabilis ko naman siyang sinundan.

Ako: Oh come on.. it was just a kiss.. just like what you did to me awhile ago.. Mish!?

Patuloy lang siya sa paglalakad at binuksan ang unit using her keys. She went directly to her room and slammed the door. Great. I’m all messed up!


I opened the door at her room and she was at the front of her laptop browsing something.

Ako: Sabi ko, pasensya na. Mish? Okay.. hindi ko yun ginawa on purpose. Promise. Hindi talaga.

She faced me and shot a glare. Purrrrr..

Mish: Then what did you do that for?!

Ako: I don’t know. Hindi ko alam! You teased me.. and..

Mish: Get out!

Hinila niya naman ako palabas pero kumapit ako sa pole ng kama niya. Tinulak niya ako hanggang sa pinto pero kumapit ako sa walls ng door niya.

Mish: Get out!

Ako: Hey, that was just a kiss – katulad ng ginawa mo kanina! Why make a big fuss about it?!

Mish: Dahil hindi ko gusto yun! Dahil hindi ko gustong halikan ako ng lalaki dahil sinabi kong takot siya?! Gets mo?!

I looked at her in surprise.

Mish: I hated it! I so hate it!

And before I could say something, she slammed the door right through my face. Woah, that was rude. Pero nabigla ako sa sinabi niya.

Dahil hindi ko gustong halikan ako ng lalaki dahil sinabi kong takot siya?!

Totoo ba yun? I mean, anong gusto niyang ipaabot sakin tungkol sa bagay na yun? That she hated it? That she hates me coz I kissed her because sinabihan niyang takot ako? Wait ~ wait ~ wait?!

I didn’t kiss her because she told me I’m a coward!

Chapter 19


That.. jerk.. pagkatapos ko siyang sampalin, bumaba kaagad ako ng kotse at umakyat sa unit. Dumiretso sa kwarto at mejo nagkulong dun. I was expecting na bubukas kaagad yun pero mga 5 minutes pa siguro nung binuksan niya ang pinto.

I glared at him like he’s really going to die with my glare – aka. the death glare of Monteverde, Michelle.

He explained and said that hindi niya alam kung bakit niya ginawa yun. I felt violated. Leche! Kaya naman napasigaw ako sa kanya! I told him to get out and finally, I slammed teh door at his face. Pero teka – he got a point. It was just a damn kiss. Just a damn kiss. Just like what I did at the dinner. Kaya ano yung pinuputok ng butsi ko dito? Diba? Im not that affected. Right?

Or – am I?

Its been 4 months since that incident happened. Well, pinabayaan ko nalng yun since we both know that, that was just a kiss. Kung si Jb pa of Maging sino ka Man, ‘it meant nothing’. Siguro nga ganun. His kiss meant nothing. Altho kahit gusto kong may meaning.  Ako: Wui, San ka magspespend ng Christmas mo?

Mikel: I dunno.

Ako: What do you mean na hindi mo alam?

Mikel: Well, I never tried spending Christmas with my family.

Ako: Woah? Really? Bakit naman?

Mikel: Wala kang magawa no?

Ako: Wala.

Hehe. Nandun kasi kami sa living room and he’s making some sort of craps. Haha, craps daw o? I think its a brochure. Oh well, I dunno. And dahil wala akong magawa, kinukulit ko nalang siya. Kaya nga ang titipid ng mga sagot niya no?

Mikel: Then just shut up.

Ako: Why should I? God gave me a mouth you know – tongue I mean.

Mikel: God gave that not to use it to some nonsense. He gave that so that you could spread the Gospel.

Ako: Oh well.   Okay, I’ll shut up.

Mikel: Thank you!

Muntik na akong matawa dun pero pinigilan ko nalang. So umupo parin ako habang tinitingnan siyang nagtatype sa loppy niya. Oaww.. so boring.

Ako: Hmm, so when are you going to have your Christmas shopping? Christmas is on two weeks or so you know.

Mikel: Kelangan pa ba yun?

Oookaaayy.. that was just a hint for him to buy me a Christmas present.

Ako: Well.. maybe you should.

Mikel: I don’t know.

Ako: Well, I think you should give me gift.

Hindi niya kasi nakuha yung hint eh. Better say it frankly.

Mikel: Tsk. At sino ka naman para bigyan ng gift?

How can he say that?!

Ako: Well, as far as I know, I’ve been a very good actress.

Mikel: Really? How come?

Ako: It’s been 4 months since I acted as your fiance. Kaya I need a reward.

Mikel: Later nalang, pag naging fiance na talaga kita.

Ako: As if that’ll happen.

Mikel: That’s the point. As if mangyayari yan.

Ako: You’re such a dummy.

Mikel: I am?

Ako: Yeah. And you’re such.. uh.. ugh!

Tumayo ako at dumiretso sa kwarto. The whole conversation thingy, he didn’t even glance at me. He was really concentrating at that loppy of his. Such a jerk.

Isang hirit nalang.

Ako: Talaga lang ha?

I said as I peak at my door.

Mikel: Yah!

Aissshh.. he’s such a jerk. Sinirado ko ang pinto with a very loud *bam*. Then tumalon ako sa kama ko at nahiga while thinking about the Christmas.

Bakit kaya ganun no? ako nga e, nung nandun pa ako sa States, pinapauwi talaga ako nina Mommy to spent christmas with them.

Pero bakit ayaw niyang magspend ng christmas with his parents?

Sama talaga.

Suddenly, napatingin ako sa frame na nasa gilid ko. Karlo Lopez and Michelle Monteverde – what a great couple.

I sigh at the thought, that was before. Before I came to realize that he’s just playing with me – and thanks to Mikel. Pinakita niya talaga sakin yun.

Somehow, I’m moving on.

And with Mikel’s help? I can really move on.

Chapter 20


It’s been 5 months since pumasok kami sa unit na to. And Mish’s been completing my day. Well, she’s kinda doing a good job nowadays. Hindi niya ako masyadong kinukulit or whatsoever. And I think she got over na with that jerk, naalala niyo pa? Karlo Lopez?   He’s been staying away from my face narin. Afraid to get bashed up? LOlx.Andito ako ngayon sa garden ng bahay nina Mish. May reunion kasi and Tita invited me since fiance ko na daw si Mish.   If she only knows, papatayin niya talaga kami ni Mish.   Hm, wala pa kaming planong sabihin ang totoo. For now, we’re just enjoying each other “daw”.

Mish: Mikee, come on. Dance daw kayo ni Tissy.

Kanina niya pa akong kinukulit na isayaw ko daw si Tissy. Uh-oh. Tissy’s not a hot girl. She’s just a 7 year old girl na iniisip na “dalaga” na daw siya.

Ako: Ayoko sabi eh. [I whispered para di marinig ni Tissy]

Mish: Ano kaba, e bata pa yan. kaya sige na..

She said it while smiling. Haha, super cute. Pamilya talaga nila e mga cute ata eh.

Aayaw pa sana ako, nga lang may hinirit pa eh.

Mish: Kung ayaw mong mas gumwapo pa bukas.

With that she pulled me to the center at sinayaw ko nalang si Tissy. Yeah, there’s something in that “gumwapo” word she said. Las month ago, hindi ko siya sinamahan sa mall when she begged me to driveher to the mall. Wala talaga ako sa mood noon dahil mejo may hangover pa ako nun since nagkainuman kami ng pinsan ko sa bahay. Umalis siya ng unit at naiwan akong mag-isa. I went to sleep para mawala konti yung sakit sa ulo ko. Then pagkamorning, she smiled to me and said,

“You look more handsome today, sweetie.”

I knew then there was something wrong. I hurriedly ran to the mirror and to my shock, may dalwa na akong bilog na marker pen sa mata ko. And some mustash drawing at my mouth. Gusto ko talaga siyang patayin nung oras na yun. —-> O_O I looked like that.

Mish: That’s what you get for being a bad boy.

She pouted and went on her way. Mabilis naman akong tumakbo sa cr and tried to erase the marker pen. Pero ayaw talaga, kaya naman I put on my cap and hurriedly went down to my car at dumiretso sa facial house. They even asked me kung sinong may gawa nun, nakakahiya naman if i’ll say si Mish, baka isipin nilang abnormal. haha. Sabi ko yung kapatid kong mga lalaki. Yoon, mga bata pa yun e.

So, nagsitayuan talaga yung mga balahibo ko right after she said ang word na “gumwapo”. Tissy looked at me as if she’s in heaven.   Baby girls will always be babies. haha.

Then right after, tinawag na si Tissy na uuwi na daw sila ng mommy niya. I just kissed her sa cheeks and kissed Tita Senny too.

Then kumonti nalang yung tao sa bahay nina Mish hanggang naiwan kaming dalawa dun sa labas ng gate pagkatapos magbabye sa kanilang lahat.

Mish: You should get going too. Baka kasi may date ka pa e.

Nahalata ko these past few days, medyo tumatahimik siya kapag kaming dalawa nalang. Or minsan naman, parang nilalayo niya yung sarili niya sakin, pero minsan naman, si “Mish” parin siya. Nakakalito.

Ako: Wala naman eh. Ikaw? Pumasok kana, you’re gonna get a cold. Sakitin ka pa naman.

Mish: Ako?! Sakitin?! di ah. Never pa akong nagkasakit diba? Nyeehh..

Ako: Well, right. Hmm, gusto mo munang maglakad-lakad?

She suddenly looked at me.

Mish: Well, yeah, sure.

Bigla naman akong nagsimulang maglakad and she followed. I stuck my hands at my pocket since mejo malamig and mejo nanginginig ang kamay ko. I don’t know why.

Mish: Oh my gosh. You see this house?

Tumigil siya sa harap ng isang bahay. It’s not that big, simple lang siya pero maganda tignan. Tumigil din ako at tiningnan yung bahay. Then I looked at her. Her eyes were sparkling.

Mish: I love this house. Simula ng bata pa ako, pinapangarap ko na talaga to. Kaya nga, kapag nagkaasawa ako at pamilya, ganitong klase ng house yung gusto kong ipatayo niya.

I scoffed quietly.

Ako: Ehdi patatayuan kita nito. Ilang rooms ba gusto mo?

Mish: Apat. Para isa satin, dalawa sa anak natin and isang guest room.

Ako: Apat lang? Tatlo anak natin eh.

Mish: Ano ka? Dalawa lang. Girl and boy.

Tumawa naman kaagad ako at hinampas niya ako ng mahina sa shoulders.

Ako: Girl, boy, boy. Dapat ganyan.

Mish: Teka, ikaw ba ang mnganganak? Kaya tumahimik ka diyan ha.

Ako: Tingnan mo, anak palang pinag-aawayan na natin. We won’t look good together.

Mish: You’re right.

She said it quietly and walked.

Ako: San ka pupunta?!

Mish: Uwi na tayo. It’s getting colder.

Tumakbo naman ako para maabutan siya. Then suddenly, my phone rang.

Krrinnng… krriiinnnnggggg..

This voice..

This voice..


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