Words – Epilogue


It’s been 3 years since nangyari lahat yun. And Mikel and I are still going strong. Yup, nakapagtapos na siya ng college and tapos naring ako. He’s working at his dad’s company as the CEO since Tito resigned already. Ako naman eh under sa care parin ni Mommy sa Chiq’s. But ngayon, Chiq’s opened a clothing line, and syempre, ako ang designer. 

So there, well, si Lindsay? We’re friends – kahit mejo alam kong may sakit ng loob parin siya sakin. And Karlo ang Mikel are good friends din.

So right now, we’re here at Mikel’s house. Birthday niya kasi so we made a surprise party. And yeah, nasurprise talaga siya. Nga lang, bigla niya na lang akong hinila and we ditched the party off.

Ako: Oh, san na naman tayo?

Mikel: Remember my promise to you?

Ako: Na ano?

Mikel: Star City!

When I looked out the window, yeah, papalapit na kami sa star city. And alam ko, nagsparkle na naman ang eyes ko ng makita ko yun. We went inside and we tried all the rides na naman.. and we even got another pictures. Then nung mga 9:30 na, he said may surprise na naman daw siya.

And then I remembered what happened 3 years ago. Ganitong-ganito din ang nangyari and mejo kinabahan ulit ako. Dont tell me its gonna happen again.. please..

Then the fireworks came flashing at the sky again and I just felt my tears filled my eyes again.

Ako: Spill it out Mikel. Ganito rin ang nangyari three years ago. And what? You’re leaving again?

I faced him and he just smiled.

I stood up and suddenly, he grabbed my hands and embraced me. He didn’t say any words, he just hugged me and kissed me at the forehead.

Mikel: No. I’ll always be here by your side.

He whispered at my ear and he just continued hugging me. Then I smiled and kissed him on the lips. Then, hinila niya na naman ako and we went on a village. He stopped at the front of a house and it really looks familiar. Aww…

Kaninong bahay kaya to? This is my dreamhouse. Remember niyo pa? Nung nagkaroon ng reunion sa bahay and we went on for a walk? Then tinuro ko sa kanya yung bahay na gusto ko? Parehong-pareho talaga. Ang lucky naman ng nakatira dito.  Embarrassed

Suddenly, Mikel got a key at his pockets and opened the gate.

Ako: Uy, baka trespassing tayo.

Mikel: Nope, ayos lang.

Ako: Anong bang meron dito ha?

Mikel: Kerida ko!

Binatukan ko siya sa ulo and tumawa lang naman siya.

Ako: Mikel..

Suddenly, the lights turned on and I looked at the house in amazement. Wow…

Ako: Grabe.. this is.. what i’ve wanted noon and..

Mikel: Yeah.

He smiled as he was walking towards me.

Ako: Sinong nakatira dito?

Mikel: Tayo..

Ako: What?

Mikel: Tayo ang titira dito.  Smiley

And.. no..   Mikel is now on one knee and he is going.. to.. OMG!

Mikel: Mish…

Mikel: The first time we met each other was like a world war 3.. and.. we were together for more than half a year.. and.. kung hindi ko pa nakita yung video.. I wouldn’t know everighthing.. and.. I made a mistake already for choosing Lindsay over you.. and now.. I just..wanna..

Kumuha siya ng something sa kanyang pocket.. and OMG, its a diamond ring…

Ako: OMG.. yes Mikel! Yes!

Mikel: Teka nga.. wag mong sirain ang moment…

Ako: Oo na nga eh.

Mikel: Naman eh.. ilang araw ko tong pinagpraktisan tapos sisirain mo lang… patapusin mo muna ako..

Ako: Ang drama mo!

Mikel: Will you marry me?

When he said those four words, pakiramdam ko, ako na ang pinakamasayang babae sa buong mundo. He put the ring at my finger, he stood up and I put my arms around his neck and gave him a kiss again.

*Bells sounding* *bells sounding* bells sounding*

Priest: …husband.. and.. wife…

We kissed and that was it. We were married  and as all fairy tales end up, we lived happily ever after.

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