The writers of the best love stories are the ones who’ve had the worst of relationships.

Cause it’s when there’s too much pain, too much despair and too much loneliness that she could think of the best, the most romantic, the most beautiful scenarios she could’ve wanted in her own life.

Hi there! I am you, whatever age you are right now, whatever name you have. I love reading and writing love stories like you do. If you have stumbled upon this site, you have probably known me since I was thirteen years old or your friends have known me as someone who has been writing in forums.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. When did you start writing?

– I started writing when I was in Grade 6. The Promise (found at the right side of this window) is my first story. I only shared it with my best friend when we were in first year high school and she instantly knew why I wrote it and who the characters in the real life were.

2. Who/What inspired you to write?

– Mostly, my crushes. I wasn’t really the lucky girl.. I wasn’t likeable and all, so I wrote these stories to fill in what’s lacking. Instead of spending hours daydreaming, I’d rather write what I really wanted to happen in real life, but of course, it was impossible for me, so I step in this “writing mode” and just write and write. Sometimes, I cry when I’m writing.

3. When are you gonna write another story?

– Soon enough. I’m really really busy right now since its my last year in college and I’m adamant I will finish. I need to focus more about my future as a computer science graduate. I have a feeling I won’t really get a job as a writer since my “talent” only comes when I’m heartbroken or when I just feel like doing a chapter. It’s not like when someone says, “WRITE”, then I can write wonderfully. It doesn’t work that way for me.

4. Can you add me at Facebook?

– If I personally know you, I can. But if not, uhh, I don’t think so. My facebook is really private and I only keep people I really really know.

5. Do you have a Tumblr?

– Yes. I’d like to share it with people but it’s also my personal space. I got too much ranting going on at that site. Once, I let my classmates followed me but I realized they were just curious and they used all those rantings of mine against me. So I’m very careful now.

6. Do you want to see your stories turn into movies in the future?

– BIG YES! When I write a story, I imagine myself being the lead actress or the lead actor. I would change my voice to suit a woman’s and a man’s. It’s really fun. It’s my dream.. to attend a red carpet and be known as the writer of that movie. I hope someday I can materialize it.

7. What’s your next story? Anything in mind?

– Uhh, I have no idea. But if you have been my reader since I was 12, you’d probably see the changes of the characters’ maturity in my stories. Like when I was in high school, my characters were also in high school. And now that I’m in college, my characters were also college students. So maybe, the next story would be about two people ranging from 20-25 with stable jobs and all.

8. Where did you post your first story?

– I first started posting stories at WITCH (an online forum of WITCH magazine) when I was 14 years old. My first posted story was THE TEASER.

9. Among your stories, which is your most favorite?

– Uhh, it’s.. weird. I have lots. But I guess my most favorite would Under The Rain and Words. I like how I was able to explain two sides of the story.. I like it even better when it’s the guys’ POV.

10. Among the characters, who are your favorites? Guy and girl?

– Girl : Michelle Monteverde (Words) —— Guy :  Gio (Teaser)

51 thoughts on “Author

  1. eLow!!

    {+i like and like the stories+}

    {+it’s very interesting+}

    {+i hope there’s more+}

    {+i truly appreciates your stories thanks to you+}

    {+my classmates do like your stories+}

    {_+gaLing moH+_}


  2. elow po
    ntpos q na po ung mga stories
    and i hope mrami ka pa pong mga2wa
    ur works inspire me a lot
    sna po msubay2 q po ung new works nyo
    kc tlga npkganda
    prng d lng bstah story
    it’s lyk it’s actually in motion
    prang toto2 tlga
    at u can feel da feelingss of the characters

    gling mo po tlga
    thanks po sa mga inspiring nyong stories


  3. -galing mo ateh……
    -sana mas madmi pang stry ang magwa mo…..
    -i like koreans story i don’t know why i feel that i’m borned with koreans love story…..
    -so ung nbsa ko ung stories mo ang ganda super…..
    -nainlve ako…….
    -may gesh nman oh…….
    -2loy mo lng po ang paggawa ng magagandng story ha,,,,,,


  4. hay ate pede request pde mo bng lagyan ng picture ung word……tpos ung under the rain………..plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz…………………….
    kc naman gusto ko ln mlaman kung ano itsura nilA…………..
    parang kagaya sa taser and just the girl……..


  5. >>>hi aTeh kIm
    <<>>kc Hnhntay ko tLgah ung iba mo png stories
    <<<cgro mxado ka png busy

    :::sNa mlgay din sa moVies ang stOries mo
    :::lYk twiLight and for suRe mrmi dIng mNood nyan kUng skLi
    :::i Think it’s not imPossible
    :::bCoz ur wOrks are very aMzing

    ___!seE ya!___


  6. ate kim, can i have the permission to post the story “just the girl” in other forum? kung ok lng po..

    AUTHOR. you can post it, but you have to give me the credits and put a link back here. and please do give me the site of the forum. 🙂 thank you.


  7. nabasa ko lahat in one day!
    started at 4:15 am….and i ended almost 3:00/…..
    ganda kase eh…….
    napaiyak ako sa under the rain,,teaser,,words,,mvp,,,…..
    ang gaganda ng stories mo ate…….

    gud luckand sana may darating pang ibang stories….


  8. you sure knHows how to make me kilig…hahahahaha…lolx…

    continue making stories and u’ll surely inspire other pipol…

    wag kang mg-alala i’m updated ako s stories mo…actually source ako minsan ng mga kklase ko na may bgo k nang story..




  9. hi..

    I just want to say, that I had read urstory.. “Fall for you”. I was shocked ksi, ang galing ng pgkkgawa,.. I wish I’m like you, malawak ang imagination.. All of us nman mlawak, but I cn’t made up things like u d0!!

    just want to say, God Bless and Good Luck!!

    pa add sa FS a hh. kung meron k man..




  10. hi ate kimmie!
    sa wakas nhanap ko na ung under the rain 2: friend of mine
    YOU’Re so Great!
    may iba ka pa po bang other sites na pingapapublishan ng stories mo??
    at pano ka po gumgawa ng story pics…
    pwede po paturo gling nyo po kasi eh,,,


    • Friend of Mine is found in 🙂 Just register and visit. Yung sa story naman, just use photoshop — experiment, explore! 😀


  11. your story seems the same like korean and japanese stories and dramas.i read some of your stories and whenever i read it prang alam q na agad mgging ending kc maxado na xang similar sa ibang stories.i hope you will not take it as a criticism but i know you can make it better and i wish you could write a story na d maxado mhba i would love that.more power and take care :]


    • Yeah, I had the same thought of my stories. It’s so predictable, but I’m working on it now. 😉 Thanks! And about the lenght, well, I have short stories but it’s in English. I don’t like writing short stories in tagalog.


  12. Ate Kimmey, where’s UTR 2? I thought napost mo na dito yun. Anyway, I miss you! Haven’t been catching up with you lately. Yung story ko, di ko na natapos. LOL. Di ko alam kung kailan ako makakagawa ulit pero I’m planning on it. I heart you kimeeeee. ❤


    • Hahaha UTR2 is.. suicidal. :)) Lol. I’m not even sure if I want to finish that story. I left it hanging… again. : Yeah, we should chat sometime, Ruth! I ❤ you too.


    • That’s one question I ask myself too. When am I going to work on a new story? I’m so busy eh, tsaka it’s hard na to write a story kasi.. there’s so many things going on in my life. Di ko keri minsan. hahaha


  13. .. .i love the author.!!!i really adore you.,you’
    re so great in making teenage stories.,hmm just wana ask po,you’re in the tertiary level na poh.??wat course.??hehehe.,sorry for asking., 🙂


    • Thank you so much! 🙂 It’s weird that people are adoring me because of my stories. I hope I’ll get them published someday. I need money! Hahahaha. 🙂 Yeah, I’m a college student now. I’m taking up Computer Science.


      • miss author it’s not weird that people adored you for your works because your stories are really awesome,great,fabulous and any other adjectives..hehehe..what year are you now poh.??and what school.??hehehe..sorry poh again for’s ok if you’re not going to answer it..:)..god bless poh.! 🙂


  14. hi ate kim!
    i so much miss your stories 🙂
    i hope you could write some more 🙂
    ohh btw, i hope you can also read STDG.
    it’ a great story 🙂


    • Hello, Marla! I’m trying to finish a sequel of Under the Rain, but it’s a whole lot different than the previous one. 🙂


  15. miss author.!!it’s really obvious that you’re so busy these days.. but i really miss reading your stories specially “SA KANYA”.. grabe you left us hanging there.. but i’ts ok.. i understand about your hectic sched.. but please please please if you have time try to drop by dito and update SA KANYA..(demanding na po ba.??)soorry po na carried away lang.. hehehe


  16. OMG. I just love “MVP”. Sayang, Ganda na sana Pero ang sad nung Ending. :'(( I just Love it so much! :DD Lahat ng mga Tanong ko parang Nasasagot dun. I mean like kunyari “Bakit kaya Ganito/Ganyan?” Tapos biglang mag-shashare si Dustin about kung Bakit! 😀 You give me Inspiration po :)) When I grow up, I’ll be an Awesome Writer Just like you po 🙂 BTW. I’m just 12 XD


    • Awww, I hope my stories will be published din. But I can’t really see myself as a writer. If I’ll be one, for sure, sobrang lazy ako. Hahahaha. Thank you so much!


  17. ei..just wanted to ask from where are you??coz in one of the stories you made (w/c is words) you mention Silliman? I was just thinking that, by any chance, you went to that school??? 😀


  18. Ate! Try niyo po i-post yung stories mo sa Wattpad! Mas madaming makakabasa doon and I’m sure, MAS DADAMI yung Fans mo! Hahaha! :)) Suggestion lang nanam po. BIG FAN OF YOUR STORIES, MS.AUTHOR! 😀


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