Hi everyone!

Yes I’m still alive and I’m still writing, just not updating. I think my writer’s block went a little too far. The last update on this website’s like a year ago and the last comment was posted like way back in 2009! This website’s pretty dead and I wish I was at the height of my writing passion when all these publishing houses (e.g. Candy/Popfiction) popped out so my dream of getting published can finally come true.  Continue reading

Laptop of 7 Years finally gave up!

If I didn’t plan on going for a trip outside the country this April, I would’ve bought a laptop already. But I did. So I use Pep’s laptop whenever I can.. which is rarely, meaning I can’t update stories as much as I want to… until May, I guess.


Hope ya’ll stick around. 😉

Missing writing stories

Hi ya’ll!

I was thinking of making a new story this afternoon, but I can’t seem to figure out the right plot and genre I want for it. It’s weird since I really want to make one. I miss writing stories, for crying out loud! My work allows me to have a little time and space to write or do whatever I want, but comes March and I will be busy again which I think you guys will be mad at me if I leave the story hanging or unfinished. I’ve done that so many times and I can’t do it again to you.

So maybe I’ll drop by once in awhile and post something if ever I wrote one. Keep your fingers crossed, will ya? See ya all soon!

Post-graduate Life

Not good. Well, it’s good in a sense that I have a lot of time to spend in front of the computer (but all I do is open my Facebook and Sims), which isn’t really doing me any good at all; but it’s also bad in a sense that my future employer still isn’t calling or giving me any updates with regards to my application, which really ticks me off and scares me about not getting the job.

If I look on the bright side though, to which I really should, I have a lot of time to fix my life (because I’m not really a mess or what), and lots of time to find other jobs. There are so many opportunities waiting and I’m just too lazy to get my butt off out there. And my family keeps on insisting that I find a job or just work here and not go anywhere. *thank you for the encouragement*

Either way, I would still go and find a job so I’d better buy a ticket and just fly off before anyone from the family protests. Seriously, this is insane.

And by the way, I’m making this my official story/ranting blog. I hope you don’t mind, so you would know what’s up with my life that’s making me stop writing stories for awhile. *wink


Tambayan ng Manunulat


TAMBAYAN NG MANUNULAT. aims to give readers the pocketbook-like filipino love stories and short english love stories. It also aims to inspire young writers and readers out there that they too can write and speak their imaginations and love stories for the world wide web to see.

No part of Tambayan ng Manunulat may be reproduced in any form without the written consent of the publication/site/admin.

Tambayan ng Manunulat now accepts stories from different authors all around the country/world. Once the work is submitted, literary works become Tambayan ng Manunulat’s property. Furthermore, Tambayan ng Manunulat has the right to edit all articles/stories/literary works for publication.

For more infos, you can ask the author herself at the Guestbook.


  • I updated Sa Kanya and added 3 new chapters, but they’re shorter than the usual. And if I have time, I’ll transfer my other story UNDER THE RAIN 2: Friend of Mine from FTALK Forum to here.
  • Also, please tell me if there’s some glitch going on with the downloads of the stories so I will be able to fix it ASAP. Thank you.

Okaaayy, I FIXED THE DOWNLOADABLES. Now, you can read and download all stories already! I transferred everything at and cancelled my account at Ripway. I’ve finally discovered that Ripway isn’t as good as I thought it would be. : SO ENJOY!

UPDATE as of February 2010

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