Updated Stories: Sparks Fly (English) and Before I Let You Go (Tagalog)

Hi everyone,

So finally I’ve updated Sparks Fly and Before I Let You Go after forever! Haha! Would you be kind enough to check it out, vote and comment? I would really love that and it might inspire me to update more often amid busyness at work. *wink

Sparks Fly Chapter 14

Before I Let You Chapter 10

I might put some stories of mine into Wattpad as well. I might edit it neatly and it would be easier for you guys to read again.



Fangirling Mr. Antarctica

fdI worship the ground he walks on. I love his brown eyes, the way he smirks and the way he slings his bag on his right shoulder. His house is on Hemmingway St., #111 and he drives a black Toyota Hilux with a plate number XPS 451. His dog is a Chowchow which he named Pepe. His first period is Trigonometry and his last would be Lit. He likes hanging out at the pool, sometimes shirtless, sometimes with decent clothes, although I prefer the shirtless him. Oops. He likes dark colors but constantly wears white shirts with simple prints at the chest. He likes his iced teas with no ice. And he barely logs into his Facebook. I am so in love with him that if he asks me to be his girlfriend, I would answer him yes faster than a blink. But that would be too easy for him and I am not that kind of girl.

Because I, Vanessa de Guzman is better than that.

But then, when it comes to fangirling our high school’s swimming varsity team captain aka Mr. Antarctica Lee Reyes, then I’m your girl.

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New stories on Wattpad!

Hi guys, so my 10-day vacation is almost coming to an end. While bumming around, I tried to make stories in Wattpad.

1. Before I Let You Go

Megan liked Carl all through her college life. Even when she had a boyfriend, she was still vocal about liking him. The problem was, they didn’t have common friends and their worlds were so much apart. There were too many differences, and most importantly, Carl is Chinese and Megan’s not. When she graduated, she poured out her heart into a one-time big-time suntok sa buwan confession thinking she wouldn’t see him ever again. When they cross path again six years after, everything became within reach as they become friends, and even gotten to the point of almost getting serious, but that was almost.

2. Sparks Fly (this one’s in English)

Elizabeth is your typical rebel princess. Her Saturday night includes sneaking out of the palace, partying with good friends, getting drunk and making out with hot random male strangers. When the royal queen decides to marry her off, Elizabeth runs away for New York to experience college and disguises herself as another college freshman.

But what happens when her New York turns out as North Carolina? When her ‘knight in shining armor’ becomes the hot, casual, college demi-god? When sorority doesn’t turn out as exciting as it would be? And worse, when she wakes up only to find out that her pretty little castle of lies all comes crumbling down.

3. His Official Driver (Thinking of whether this should be in Tagalog or English)

Casey is a good driver. She can swerve up the road and still get out of it alive. Her friends actually suggests that she joins drag racing or something. Though she’s pretty and drives a car in her school, it doesn’t mean that she’s one of the cool kids. She’s actually a nobody, while her older sister belongs to the ‘it’ circle. She doesn’t have many friends and she lives in the shadow of Kylie.

When she hit the black Mercedes 4×4 of Reid, everything changed. She got to be with Mr. Jerk slash Mr. Cool everyday of her life. She gets to party with his circle of friends, including her hot sister, and she gets to argue about senseless matters to Reid in the many red stop-lights. When she started falling for Reid, she had no clue that Reid was all ready to catch her.


Let me know what you think of these stories.

Before I Let You Go * NEW

Read this on Wattpad.

Started: February 26, 2012

Completed: ?

I’ve been liking that guy for four years already – buong college life ko, siya lang talaga ang crush ko. We never became friends – masyadong malayo ang connection. May mga common friends, pero never talagang nagkasama kami sa gimik o sa tambay. He wasn’t the type naman na palalabas. He was into photography, so his circle of friends were also into photography.

Gustohin ko mang bumili ng SLR, di pwede, kasi priority ang needs and not wants. Yung tipong, sayang naman pag bumili ako ng SLR para lang maging friends kami. Diba? Basta, iba kasi buhay niya sa buhay ko. Masyado siyang mahirap abutin, really. Nakakastress, teh!

But then before I graduated, I mustered up the courage talaga para makapagconfess. Naisip ko, total di ko narin naman sya makikita everrrr, might as well tell him how I feel nalang. For future purposes? Charot! Yung para makamove on naman, walang hang-ups. Maghanap ng bagong boylet. As if naman naging boylet ko sya.

Pero yun nga. Kaya naman after graduation, di pa siya gagraduate eh, pagkatapos ng lahat-lahat, yung sa picture taking chorva na, at nagpipicture-picture sya dun sa harap ng stage, kinilabit ko sya.


Napatingin lang siya sakin. “H-Hi?”

At dun nagsimula ang mahaba kong speech. Aba, binuhos ko lahat! Di naman ako umiyak-iyak effect ha. Pero naluha-luha ako. Four years of unrequitted love, you guys. Mahirap yun, teh! At pagkatapos kong magspeech, sabi niya lang,

“Uhh, thank you? And I’m.. sorry?”

Ako naman yung natameme. Yun lang yun?! Yun lang talaga? Walang echos-echos na I feel the same way di ko lang masabi chever? Thank you and I’m sorry? Yes, yun yun eh.

Six years ago yun. Tapos eto ako ngayon, makikipag blind date sa kanya, hoping na sana di niya na ako matandaan. After all, maraming taon na ang nakalipas. At malamang, maraming girls na rin ang nagconfess sa kanya.

Awkward and funny scene. Sabi ko pa dati, “Before I let you go, I want to say I love you.” What the hell was I thinking? Kaloka lang. Sana lang talaga, di niya ako matandaan. For sure, ako lang nakapagbitaw ng ganoong mga punchline, oh diba, bongga!