I really appreciate how you guys are so active and letting me know how much you support my craft. I don’t want you to leave just like that. If there’s anything you want to share – like really, anything at all! – then this is the place for you. If you have anything to ask from other readers as well, then post below. I’d love to hear from all of you and I’m pretty sure your new found friends will do too!



94 thoughts on “Guestbook

  1. Miss author, ganda po talaga ng mga story nyo. Hindi masyadong mahaba kaya hndi ako na.bobore. Dun po s under the rain, grabe po ang iyak ko dun.. Kilig,lungkot,saya. Lahat na talaga. Swak na swak


  2. Ate Kim!!! Omg number one fan mo ako sa ftalk. And matagal ko ng pinangarap gumawa ng “manga version” ng mga stories mo pero hindi ako ganun ka-skilled magdraw 😦 Hahahaha pero may publisher na nagppublish ng wattpad stories or even stories posted on forums. “Pop Fiction” ang name nya, I’m nor sure if they turn your stories into comic books or book talaga kasi I don’t live in the PH anymore. I just saw it on facebook na one of the stories from candymag got published tapos nung naging best seller, gagawin na syang movie by ABS CBN. 🙂

    Here’s the page and I hope you get in touch with them kase your stories are so AWESOME!!!!!!! THEY NEED TO BE PUBLISHED AND TO BE ADAPTED AS MOVIES!!!! 🙂 LOVE YOU ATE KIM I HOPE YOU WRITE MORE STORIES ❤


    • Wow!! I’ve heard it too 🙂 I really appreciate you sharing this to me. I’m so toucheddd. Thank you so much!! I’ll check it out!


      • omggg please doooo! I may not live in the PH anymore BUT IF I SEE YOUR STORIES PUBLISHED I’LL DEFINITELY ORDER THEM ONLINE!!! Nene lang ako nung nabasa ko stories mo LOL but I’ve always dreamed of seeing them come to life! 🙂 *insert tears of joy*


  3. What happened to your story, MVP something? Di ko na mahanap. I forgot the title. It has been years!!!!! Story mo ang pinaka-una kong nabasa sa internet. Elementary pa ata ako non? COLLEGE NA AKO and I’m still thinking about that. Your stories are carved into my soul. Nakalimutan ko na sila (plot, characters, and errthang), aaminin ko. Pero yung sakit, yung feels, lahat na– andito pa rin sa puso ko. Hahaha. I’m leaving my email. Hit me up if you have time, or if you feel like it. Wala lang, I just wanna know you’re still alive or something lol. I’m hoping na makarating sa’yo to. I’m a fan of yours. Haha.


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